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Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips To Keep Your System Running Efficiently

During the heat of summer, your air conditioner is one of those appliances that you rely on to keep you comfortable and alive. The heat in some parts of the country can rise extremely high, and when your home interior captures and holds that heat, it can make a dangerous situation. For this reason, keeping your air conditioner in great working order is important for your sanity and your health. Here are some tips to help you take care of your home air conditioner and to keep it working well.

Take Care of the Fins

The fins on the outside condenser unit of your air conditioner are an essential part of your air conditioner working well. They allow your air conditioner to expel heat from your home to the outside air. Unfortunately, these parts of your compressor can become damaged from a backyard toy or a stray rock getting thrown from your lawn mower. When these fins become damaged, they cannot work properly and don't allow your air conditioner to work as efficiently as possible. 

When your air conditioner's fins become bent and misaligned, they trap heat within the condenser coils and need a little bit of maintenance to repair them. If the fins are damaged too badly for repair, you will have to replace the entire condenser of your air conditioner. Contact your air conditioner professional to help with this process.

You can use a butter knife to slide through the fins and align each one into the right position. Or you can purchase a fin straightener tool at a local home and garden shop. With a fin straightener tool, you can slide it up through the bent fins and straighten more than one at a time, which makes the process less tedious and more productive. After you have straightened the fins, you can rinse them clean with your garden hose to remove any debris that may clog them. 

Clean and Maintain the Interior Motor

The internal motor of your air conditioner unit will be situated inside your HVAC system and can collect dust and particles that the motor sucks from your home's interior air. It is important that you have your motor checked each year and cleaned out for build-up to keep it running properly. Just as you should change out your air conditioner filter when it gets dirty, your motor needs its own maintenance.

Your air conditioner professional can oil and check the belts of your air conditioner and replace them when they become worn. Other areas that need oiling, such as the motor and fan, will need similar attention and maintenance. With an annual tune-up, your air conditioner professional will be able to find problems before they cause a break-down and keep your system running well.

For more information, contact a local air conditioning company.