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Selecting Material For Your Hardscape Construction

Planning the landscaping for your yard takes some time, and finding the right materials for each section of the project is essential if you are trying to achieve a specific look for the area. A landscape that includes a hardscape water feature or some other rock décor within the landscape means sourcing the right rock and other hardscape materials to make everything come together cohesively. 

Hardscape Versus Landscape

Landscaping is used to enhance your yard or the area around your home, and, in most cases, it involves the trees, bushes, plants, and soil or ground cover used to create a specific look or feel to the area. Hardscaping refers to additional features made from rock, concrete, or blocks and often includes river rock used in a water feature, or large stones used to form beds within the landscaping. A dry river formed through the center of a landscape may be lined with hand-picked river rock or stones and meticulously constructed to add a very specific look to the landscape, but finding those rocks is not always easy. Finding the right supplier for materials can make a significant difference in the outcome of the project.

Rock and Stone Suppliers

If you are looking for a specific material for your landscaping project, finding a supplier that deals in landscape materials, including rock, stone, mulch, and plants, is an excellent place to start. Some companies, like A & A Materials, know that things like river rock or large stones should look natural, but the reality is, often, they are manufactured for use in landscaping to give a specific appearance. For instance, rock and stone are explicitly chosen and often separated into groups by color, size, and shape. That way, the client can buy the stone or rock that looks best with the plants and other materials in the landscape or hardscape they are building. Often smooth rocks like river rock are not taken from rivers but are created by tumbling large quantities of stone to get the smooth look and feel of stones from a river bottom without disturbing the natural environment. This allows the landscape supply company to offer many different options for the client to choose from and in large quantities if need be. 

Custom Stone

If there is a specific stone or rock that you are looking for, you may want to talk to the landscape supplier in your area about your needs and see if they can help you. Often they will have many options for you to choose from, but if they don't have what you need, they may be able to work with their supplier to get a custom colored river rock or hardscape material for your project.