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Residential Roofing And The Choice Of Materials For Your Replacement Renovations

Replacing your roof may be one of the steps in your home renovations, and there are a lot of choices for your roof. When replacing the roof, you will want to update the materials with more durable solutions. These can be improvements to the roof design, underlayments, and materials. The following renovation information will help you choose the best materials when replacing your roof:

Updating roof underlayments when renovating—The roof underlayment is one of the first places to upgrade the roofing materials. Some of the options to upgrade the underlayment of your roof includes:

  • Synthetic plastic-like roof underlayments
  • Rubber membrane moisture barriers
  • Using thicker felt paper and ice barrier shingles

Upgrading the underlayment of your roof can do a lot to reduce wear and improve the energy efficiency of your home.  If you choose to use thicker felt paper and ice barrier shingles, these materials are installed in vulnerable areas like eaves and valleys. It is usually a good idea to reinforce the valleys with a rubber underlayment for reinforcement too.

Reinforcing the flashing and vulnerable areas—You will also want to reinforce flashing for a more durable roof that is resistant to wear and leaks. Some of the options to reinforce the flashing on your roof include:

  • Premium architectural metal with a durable finish and thicker gauge
  • Durable rubber membrane flashing that seals nails and prevents leaks
  • Using a combination of moisture barriers, rubber membranes, and metal flashing

These are options to consider to reinforce the flashing on your roof. The reinforcement at areas like chimneys, roof valleys, and second-floor walls will help stop leaks that often cause serious water damage.

Improvements to roof design and appearance—Another area where you will want to consider improvements is the roof design. These improvements can be practical solutions to reduce wear and damage, or they can be aesthetic improvements for appearance. Some of the options to improve your roof design include:

  • Adding eyebrows and skirts to gables
  • Dormer windows and doghouse roofs
  • Adding roof angles with gables, hips, and structural design changes

These are some of the options you will want to consider to improve the roof design of your home when doing renovations.

Replacing the shingles and asphalt alternatives—The shingles are going to be the last decision you have to make for your roof replacement during renovations. Today, there are options for architectural shingles and other asphalt alternatives that include:

  • 3D composite shingles with a longer lifetime guarantee
  • Durable rubber tile systems made of recycled waste materials
  • Metal roofing systems and shingles

If you are going to installing asphalt shingles, 3D architectural shingles are a better choice. You can also use some of the alternatives that will give you a more durable and efficient roof to complete your home renovation project.

These are options for roof materials and improvements that you may want to consider for your home renovations. If your renovations include a new roof, contact a roofing service and ask about these materials and improvements.