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Important Siding Questions You May Have Been Wondering

Adding vinyl siding to a home is an upgrade that can be done for both aesthetic and practical reasons. While this upgrade will be one that is a common sight on many homes, there is likely a range of concerns that you may have before you are comfortable with installing siding on your home's exterior.

Will Siding Cause The Home's Exterior To Rot?

Due to the fact that the siding will be installed over the exterior of the home's current exterior, it is an understandable concern for some people to assume that this will mean that water will get trapped between the siding planks and the exterior of the home. However, this is an issue that will be addressed through the use of a moisture barrier. This is a durable layer that will be installed between the home's exterior and the rest of the siding. As a result, moisture that seeps through the siding or between the panels will be unable to actually come into contact with the home's exterior.

Does Siding Offer Effective Protection Against Storms?

Storm damage can be another threat that homeowners will want to mitigate. While some siding is rated as providing protection against storms, this is not always the case, and you will need to carefully review each siding option to determine whether it will offer protection when a storm arrives. The type of protection that these siding options can provide will be in the form of acting as a protective barrier that will absorb the force of impacts so that the exterior of the house is protected. Homeowners in areas where tropical storms are possible may be the most interested in this protection, but severe winds, hail, and other damaging weather can occur anywhere.

How Will You Keep The Siding Clean?

Cleaning the exterior of the home can be a basic type of maintenance that will often be needed regardless of the material that is used in your home's exterior. While siding will still need to be cleaned regularly, the process of cleaning it will be easy. This is due to the fact that the exterior siding will lack imperfections and small openings that can trap dirt. Spraying the exterior with a jet of water will often be sufficient for this so you can avoid the need to manually scrub the siding clean. While a pressure washer is often used for this work, it is necessary to keep it on a low setting as the highest settings may be strong enough to actually loosen the siding panels.

Reach out to a siding contractor for questions.