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When To Replace Your Entire Impact Window Vs. The Glass Alone

If you are having issues with your impact windows, you might be wondering if you can simply replace the glass or if you should replace your windows in their entirety. It is an option to replace the glass only; this can be a more affordable and faster option if you are simply dealing with damaged glass. However, in cases like the ones listed below, it's a good idea to replace the entire impact window, whether you end up needing to replace all of your impact windows or just one or two of them.

There Is Frame Damage

It is usually pretty easy to tell if your impact glass has been damaged; the glass might be shattered or there might be visible cracks or chips. It is important to examine your actual window frames to look for damage too. If they appear to be rotting or if they otherwise have obvious damage, then simply replacing your impact glass probably isn't a good idea. If you aren't sure of whether or not your impact window frames are actually damaged, consider consulting a professional who can take a look at your windows to get an idea of their overall condition.

You Don't Like the Look of Your Windows

In some cases, people choose to replace all of their impact windows entirely because they simply don't like how they look. After all, the appearance of your home's windows can have more of an impact on the curb appeal of your home than many people realize. If you think your impact windows make your home look dated or if you simply don't like their style, you might find that it's worth it to replace them entirely so that you can give your home the look that you want it to have.

Your Windows Don't Provide a Proper Seal

Not only might you be concerned about damaged impact glass, but you might be concerned about other issues with your impact windows. For example, you might have noticed that hot or cold outdoor air is able to find its way through the cracks around your impact windows. If this is the case, then you will probably want to replace all of the affected windows. Then, not only can you count on your impact glass to help you protect your home from the elements, but you can count on the entire window to help with keeping your home at a nice, comfortable temperature, even on really hot or cold days.

Talk to an impact window replacement service for more information.