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Do You Need Masonry Services For Your Brick Wall Fence?

If it's been many years since you installed a brick wall fence around your property, consider examining the fence for structural defects. Although masonry bricks possess the strength and durability you need to protect your home, the organic glue that holds the bricks together can degrade over time. Below are things you should look for and repair in your brick wall fence.

Mortar Damage

Mortar is an organic material used to hold bricks and other masonry structures together. However, mortar doesn't last forever. Environmental sources, such as moisture, can crack, warp, and eventually wear away mortar over time. The mortar holding your brick wall fence together could fail. 

Sometime during the day, examine the mortar in your brick wall fence. If the mortar looks cracked, warped, or worn down, contact a masonry contractor right away. A contractor will do one or more of the following things to secure your wall:

  • tuck point, or add new mortar to your wall
  • cover the mortar with sealant
  • replace the mortar completely

If a contractor notices any other problems with your fence, such as spalled or loose bricks, they'll repair them as well.

Brick Damage

Moisture and time can also damage the bricks in your fence. The bricks may spall and crack over time. The movement can compromise the wall's integrity and safety over time, which can be very dangerous for children and small pets.

If the damage is mild, a contractor will only replace the unsafe bricks in your wall. A contractor may or may not add fresh mortar and sealant between the bricks. If the damage is severe, a contractor will most likely need to:

  • replace sections of the wall
  • reinforce the wall with metal rods and other support systems
  • secure the wall with fasteners

There may be a number of things a masonry contractor does to secure your brick wall fence. 

After the repairs, you want to examine your brick wall fence regularly for cracked mortar and bricks. Also, gently press or push the bricks to see if they move or stay in place. If the bricks move, call a masonry contractor immediately. Moisture may have penetrated and loosened up the bricks or mortar during the year. 

Finally, replace any sections of your brick wall fence that show signs of deterioration or structural damage. Early repairs can keep your fence safe and secure for years to come.

If you need repairs for your brick wall fence, contact a masonry service.