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Why Is Pre-Construction Termite Control Important?

When it comes to new constructions and termite treatment, prevention is always better than cure. Pre-construction termite control ensures that subterranean termites don't feed on the structure of your building.

Creating a chemical barrier before your structure goes up is less labor-intensive. You also use less termiticide when you're only treating the ground rather than managing a termite infestation in a newly constructed building.

Pest exterminators have an easy time covering every square inch of the area before construction than treating an existing building to eliminate pests. The more secure the chemical barrier, the less likely you'll experience termite infestation in the building. Read on to learn the importance of pre-construction termite control.

Saves You Money

Setting aside money for pre-construction anti-termite treatment saves you from a host of problems in the future. Taking timely pest control measures ensures you don't spend more money in the future, managing recurring termite infestations.

Applying sufficient termiticide before you start construction ensures that termites in the ground have no way of getting to your building materials. The chemical barrier keeps the pests away, so you don't have to worry about post-construction termite control.

Since pre-construction treatment involves fewer steps than post-construction termite extermination, you save a lot of money when you choose prevention over cure.

Keeps Subterranean Termites at Bay

If you are planning a construction project in an area where subterranean termites are rampant, pre-construction termite control is crucial in keeping your building steady through the years.

Subterranean termites are a huge problem, and taking measures to keep them at bay post-construction can be futile. It's better to create a chemical barrier on the ground before construction, so the notorious termites have no chances of getting to your building.

Professional termite exterminators will separate the subterranean soil from your building grounds before construction begins.

Eliminates the Cost of Damage Control

If you think that post-construction pest control is expensive, imagine how much more you would pay for repairs due to foundation and wall damage sustained from a termite infestation?

Termites feed on the wooden structure that holds a building up. A termite infestation would mean you have to reconstruct portions of your building's structure that sustained significant damage.

Additionally, you would also need to purchase large quantities of termiticide to get rid of the pests in your building. Therefore, pre-construction pest control is, in fact, cost-effective because it eliminates the cost of damage control.

So if you were thinking of excluding pre-construction pest control, this is your cue to contact a pest control company. Liaise with termite contractors who will treat the ground before beginning construction.