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Three Things You Need To Know Before Hiring A Water Pump System

Water pump systems are used throughout the construction industry to ensure that no worksite is kept in dangerously wet conditions for too long. After all, many jobs require the excavation of large areas, and without a system to control flooding, these holes and pits would be completely filled up the first few times it rains. But before you simply ring up and call for a water pump system, you need to know about any specific considerations that might be useful in determining exactly which water pump system you go with. Here are three things you need to know before renting a water pump system.

Surface Area 

If you want your water pump systems to be able to accurately pump out the volume of water that is in your construction site, then you need to be able to provide some simple calculations to the water pump contractor. The first important part of those calculations is the total surface area of the construction pit or hole. It is impossible to accurately supply you without this measurement, so make sure you have it jotted down before you ring up, along with all the other considerations that make organizing pumps much easier for everyone.


Apart from just the sheer size of the hole, the depth is very important because that will determine just how much additional power you need in order to force water up and out of the pit and into a safe space such as a runoff area or a storm drain. Most pumps will be able to move any amount of water if given enough time, but when you add the extra dimension of a vertical climb several feet high (and sometimes much more) than you reduce the options significantly. The last thing you want is a water pump system that is big enough but too weak to do what you need.

Type Of Water

Water pumps are not immune to damage, so if the water you are pumping out is especially toxic due to mineral content or even chemicals that have accidentally found their way into the pit then you need to make that clear from the beginning. A broken pump is as good as having no pump, and that is what you will end up with if you are not careful. Make sure to mention if the water has any additional qualities to it that could make pumping more difficult, whether that be that it is salty, very muddy, or filled with toxins of some kind.