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Three Common Boiler Repairs You May Not Realize You Need

Boilers have been around for hundreds of years in one capacity or another, and they are constantly evolving and getting more efficient. Modern boilers are much better than their predecessors from ten or twenty years ago, but that does not mean they are indestructible. For those unfamiliar with boilers and their mechanics, it can be hard to spot when you actually do need to call for boiler repair and when everything is working as normal. Here are a few issues that generally indicate you might need to call in a repairman for your boiler.

Steam Leak

Many boilers use steam as their main heating medium, but if you find that you are constantly having to refill the boiler with water quicker than usual, then you likely have a steam leak, not a water leak. Water leaks are much more obvious as they can create immediate and quite long-lasting damage. Steam leaks are more insidious, not often clear, and even harder to locate on your own. If you see that your boiler's water level is continuously going down without any other possible explanation — other than years of regular usage — then you likely have a steam leak somewhere in your home and you need your boiler repaired as soon as possible.

Pipe Upgrades

Often when something gets upgraded in the boiler system it is one of the primary components in the boiler itself, not the large system of pipes that stem from it. It is important that you stay up to date with your pipes. If they are too old, you must get them checked out and upgraded. After all, these pipes make up the bulk of the presence of the boiler in your house, and having a brand new boiler with pipes that are decades old is not a recipe for success. If you are unsure how old your pipes are, have a boiler contractor come and take a look before making a final decision.

Circulator Pump

If you are finding that you don't get enough power from your boiler as you used to then one of the first things you should consider getting inspected is the circulator pump. This is the primary component used to move hot water around your boiler. If it's damaged, old, or overworked then it will not be sufficient as you might have come to expect. This is generally an easy fix, however, so you do not need to be that concerned. That said, it is just important to have someone who knows what to do come and fix it. For more information, contact a boiler repair service.