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3 Simple DIY Tips For Waterproofing Your Basement

Basements are underground, making it easy for water to seep in through the cracks. Water leaks in the basement cause molding and can compromise the house's integrity. However, some of these problems are easy to fix, even with basic technical skills. Here are three tips for DIY basement waterproofing solutions.

Fill In Open Cracks 

Basement walls develop cracks over time, and water can seep in through these cracks. The water leaks expand these cracks over time, in addition to causing other damage such as molding. 

Fortunately, cracks are easy to fix. All you need is hydraulic cement and a flat plastic plank to fill in the cracks. Mix the cement with some water and stuff it into the cracks. Make sure that the whole crack is filled before using the plastic plank to wipe off the extra cement. You should be fast, as hydraulic cement takes three minutes to harden and settle. 

Use Waterproofing Paint 

Bare walls crack easily, causing multiple water leaks that can compromise the whole structure's integrity. However, you can prevent this — and make your basement's wall look good — by applying waterproof paint. 

Waterproof paint contains a sealant that prevents water from passing, essentially making the whole wall waterproof. However, the paint cannot be applied over another layer of paint. It is also advisable to polish the wall before applying the paint. All you need is a paint roller and other basic painting tools, and it will take you less than a day to get the job done, depending on the size of your basement. 

Fix Window Leaks 

Window wells are also a common entry point for water leaks. Some window wells are fitted with waterproofing solutions but not in most of the older buildings. However, you can fix that yourself in a couple of hours. All you need is a small shovel and some gravel. 

Dig out two feet below the window well and pack it with gravel. Ensure that you pack the gravel in tight — you can also test how well it works by pouring some water on the gravel. Installing a window well cover is also a quick and simple solution. It is also advisable to avoid pouring water near the window well. 

Final Thoughts 

It is advisable to fix water leaks in your basement quickly to avoid worse problems and expensive repairs. These basement waterproofing tips are easy and quick to do, and they will not cost you much. For more assistance, reach out to a professional who provides basement waterproofing solutions.