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When Is It Time To Replace Your Tile Roofing?

If you've noticed that your roof has several issues, it might be time to consider roofing replacement. Repairing the roof is a quick fix that allows you to continue enjoying roofing coverage. However, when you start spending more money on repairs, it makes more financial sense to install a new roof.

A roofing installation might cost more than a roofing repair, but it saves you from never-ending repair costs. While you might want to get the most out of your tile roof, remember that all roofing materials have an expiration date. Contacting roof contractors before your roof is completely worn out protects your home from the elements. Read this post to learn when you should consider tile roof replacement.

When the Tiles Shift

Exposure to the elements over the years causes your roofing tiles to wear out. Worn-out tiles can shift, exposing your home to rainwater and solar radiation. Failure to replace shifted tiles results in serious weather damage.

Contact your roofing contractor for regular roof inspection so they can identify shifted tiles before your home incurs serious damage. Your roofer will recommend a complete roofing replacement if most tiles have shifted from their original position.

When the Tiles Start Caving

After years of use, your roofing tiles can sustain cracks that let water seep in. What results is gradual structural damage that causes the tiles to start caving in. A caving roof will allow water to get to the underlayment, which acts as your house's second line of defense from the rainwater and solar radiation.

Tiles cannot recover from severe water damage, and the only solution is a complete roof replacement. If the underlayment sustains serious damage, you will need to replace it as you install a new roof. Upgrading to proper roofing is a long-term investment that protects your house from the elements.

When You've Had the Tiles for Too Long

No matter how durable your roofing tiles were when you installed them, it gets to a point when they've outlived their usefulness. Old roofing tiles cannot provide your home with the coverage it needs. Even though roofing tiles have been designed to last for years, there is such a thing as too many years. When you notice that your tile roofing is beginning to collapse, plan for a roof replacement before it falls in.

If your tile roof meets any of the criteria discussed above, it might be time to consider roofing replacement. Contact your roofing contractor for a new roof installation before it's too late.