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Should You Repair Or Replace Your Garage Door

Automated garage doors have been around for some time now, and some models are starting to reach their suggested lifetime. However, that does not mean they necessarily have to be pulled out and replaced with a new one, especially not if most of the components are still functioning well. If you have garage door problems you are probably deciding whether you should totally strip out and replace your door or call for garage door repair contractors. Here are a few tips that can help let you know which direction to go in.

Uneven Rise

If your garage door does generally respond to your commands, but just one side won't go all the way up, then you should call for a garage door repair, not a replacement. Chances are there is just something wrong with the runners on one side of the door or a component in the engine is jammed. This can be a relatively easy problem to fix, but one that requires knowledge about the inner workings of your machine. Therefore, do not attempt to do make this repair on your own or you could get injured by accident. There are a lot of tightly wound and heavy materials in your garage door that should not be tampered with by people who aren't experts.

Slower Than Usual

If the speed of your garage door is noticeably slower than what it was a few years ago something in the motor is definitely malfunctioning or has reached the end of its lifetime. Often the motor that actually moves the chain that pulls the door open is either overworked or worn out to the point where it could break at any time. This can be an expensive repair to make. As such, your garage door contractor might suggest that it is time to replace the door, but this can vary on a case-to-case basis.

Sensors Not Working

Sometimes the garage door will not open at all, which seems strange if it was working fine just even only a few days ago. The cause of a sudden refusal to work is often the sensors themselves breaking down. These sensors are what receive commands from your controls. If they are blocked or have something in front of them, then they might not be able to receive the commands you are giving. Replacing or repairing sensors is not that hard for most garage door repair companies and your door should be up and running in no time. 

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