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Why Are So Many Commercial Building Owners Opting For Spray Foam Roofs?

There's a trend in the commercial world. Building owners are opting for spray foam roofing over alternatives such as rubber or asphalt. Spray foam has been around for a while, so it may seem strange that it's just now becoming really popular as a roofing material. But likely, this is just because more commercial building owners are now more aware of the following benefits that come with spray foam roofing:

Spray foam can be applied directly to any roof surface.

If your building has a roof currently, spray foam can likely be placed right over that existing roof. It can be sprayed directly over asphalt or bitumen. The spray foam will expand to fill in all crevices and fit into every nook and cranny. This saves you both time and money since you will not need to pay to have the old roof removed or wait for this work to be done before your new roof is applied.

Spray foam is energy-efficient.

You're probably aware that spray foam is also used as insulation. Although insulation is not the primary goal of spray foam roofing, the roof is getting insulated nonetheless. Consider it a happy side effect. Spray foam roofing will help keep your summer AC and winter heat bills down, and the savings can be pretty substantial when you have a larger commercial building.

Spray foam is easy to repair.

Spray foam roofs are quite durable and don't often need repairs. But if some of the spray foam should abrade away or if the roof should develop a leak, the solution is simple. A roofing company can come and spray more spray foam in the area where the roof material has been damaged. The ease of the repairs means repair costs are often lower than you'd find with other roof materials.

Spray foam is self-flashing.

Putting flashing around roof projections such as sewer vents is usually a major component of a commercial roofing job. It's time-consuming and has to be done carefully. But with spray foam, you do not need flashing. The material is what roofers refer to as "self-flashing." In other words, the spray foam can be sprayed right around the roofing projections. It will adhere to them closely and prevent leaks.

If you own a commercial building and need a new roof, get an estimate for spray foam. It is often the best choice for a commercial roof for all of the reasons explained above.

For more information about commercial spray foam roofing, contact a roofing company in your area.