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The Financial Benefits Of Conducting A Video Inspection Before Repairing Your Sewer Line

Prompt sewer line repairs fix faults in the sewer pipes to curb leaks and allow wastewater to flow smoothly from the house. However, before repairing a residential sewer line, carrying out a video inspection is crucial. Video inspections involve inserting a video camera inside the sewer line to reveal the condition of the pipe. This exercise can significantly lower the cost of repair and restoration. Read on for the financial benefits of conducting a video inspection before sewer line repairs.

Accurate Sewer Diagnosis 

There are various telltale signs of sewer line issues. The most common ones are persistent drain blockages, slow drainage, sewer backups, and unpleasant odors in the yard. The two major causes of these issues are sewer line clogs and pipe damage. To determine the actual problem, you need to see inside the pipe. Failure to inspect the pipe can lead to an inaccurate diagnosis, which can be costly. 

For example, slow drainage can occur due to clogs and pipe misalignment. If you mistake a misalignment for a blockage, sewer cleaning won't resolve the underlying issue. Video sewer inspections provide an accurate diagnosis, allowing you to determine the best techniques to fix the underlying problem.

No Guesswork or False Starts 

Guesswork during sewer repairs can be costly. For your project to be successful and cost-effective, you need to:

  • Determine the problem with your pipes
  • Point out the exact location of the problem

Sewer pipes cover long distances, depending on how far the home is from the septic tank or sewerage system. If you plan to conduct excavation repairs, you must know the exact problem and its location. Otherwise, you will waste time and resources digging up the wrong spot. For example, a corroded pipe requires a replacement, while a misaligned one only needs to be realigned. 

Video inspections reveal the exact issue and its location. There is no guesswork or false starts during repairs. Therefore, an inspection eliminates the cost of excavating the entire sewer line. If you need to replace the piping, you can plan early, source the right materials, and scout for affordable services.

Fewer Disruptions to Outdoor Features

Guesswork and blind excavation of the sewer pipe can disrupt outdoor features, such as the lawn, driveway, and pathways. Restoring these features can significantly increase the project's costs. Video inspections pinpoint the exact location of the damaged piping, eliminating the need for tearing down the lawn and other features.

Also, after locating the affected section of the pipe, you can opt for trenchless repair instead of excavation. Trenchless repair uses minimally invasive techniques to access and fix the sewer line. Since there is no extensive excavation work, you can save money on post-repair restoration. 

Video sewer inspections allow for targeted and cost-effective pipe repair and replacement. Contact your contractor for professional sewer line inspection services.