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A Look At Options For Keeping Your Electric Car Charged

If you're thinking of getting an electric car, you're probably wondering how you'll keep it charged, and how convenient it will be to make sure your car always has enough power to get you where you want to go. The best option is to have a way to power your car at home so it can charge any time it's parked in your garage or driveway. Here's a look at all your charging options and an overview of an EV charging station installation.

Choices For Charging Your Vehicle

The fastest way to charge your car is to go to a commercial charging station. You'll find these scattered around interstates and in cities just like traditional gas stations. These have enough power to give you a full charge faster than any other means.

The speed depends on the type of car and battery you have, but it's fast enough that you can charge up your car while traveling on vacation while you enjoy a short break for lunch or to stretch your legs. These charging centers usually have multiple stations, and they're sometimes under cover so it's convenient to charge your car in the rain. Because this type of EV charging station is so expensive, you wouldn't want one of these for your home.

The next best option is to have a smaller EV charging station installed in your house. These can be installed inside or outside, and they use a 240V outlet like a clothes dryer uses. This option takes much longer than a commercial charging station to give you a full charge, so a 240V charger is ideal to use overnight as it could take several hours to top off your battery.

The slowest way to charge your electric car is with a standard 120V outlet that you already have plenty of in your house. It could take days to charge your battery fully with one of these, so it isn't the best choice if you use your car a lot. However, if you don't have a 240V outlet and you don't want to get one, you could charge your car at a commercial charging station occasionally and use the slow charger to keep the battery topped up while your car is parked during the day and night.

Options For Installation

Even if you plan to use a commercial charging station most of the time, it's a good idea to have a way to charge your car at home so you never have to worry about your car running out of power. Your electrician can install a 240V outlet in a convenient location if you want to plug the cord into the wall, but you might prefer to have the charger hardwired to electricity.

Your electrician has to check your electrical panel first for room to install a new dedicated circuit for the charger. If there isn't room, a panel upgrade may be needed, or the electrician might be able to install a subpanel near your charging station to create an extra circuit for your electric car charger. 

For more information about EV charger station installation, contact a local company.