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A Brief Guide To Choosing A Bathroom Faucet

A faucet is an essential element of a bathroom design. So, you need to select a faucet that enhances your bathroom aesthetics as you renovate your bathroom. Faucets come in an array of styles and features, which makes the selection process quite tough. To choose a suitable faucet, you might need to consider your budget, preferred style, sink, and bathroom size. 

Here's a guide to help you choose a bathroom faucet.

Installation Specifications

Firstly, consider the sink arrangement, especially if you plan to retrofit a new faucet on your current sink. Factor in the installation holes on the sink and the spaces between the holes so you can purchase a faucet that matches them. If your preferred faucet doesn't match the hole openings, you may have to purchase a new sink.

Some faucet types you can consider include:

  • Single-hole faucets: Only needs one hole in the bathroom for faucet installation.
  • Widespread faucets: Consists of three components — a water spout in the center hole and two other holes for cold and hot water. You can easily customize the space between each component.
  • Wall-mount faucets: Unlike the conventional sink-mounted faucets, a wall-mount faucet attaches to your wall with supply pipes behind the wall.

Consult with a professional if you need help going over your options.

Faucet Style and Design

A faucet style that blends with your bathroom's décor can easily spice up your bathroom space. If you are a traditional homeowner, you want a faucet that adds classic style and sophistication to your bathroom. Traditional faucets feature plenty of curvaceous details and are best suited for large spaces, like a master bath. 

Alternatively, you can settle for a modern faucet with a handle on the side of the spout. Modern faucets are best for wall-hung sinks with sharper lines and no additional details that might take up more space. Opt for a transitional faucet to enjoy both traditional and contemporary design elements.

Faucet Features

Some superb faucet features you should consider are water conservation, construction material, and technology. Go for a bathroom faucet with an environmentally-friendly flow rate to conserve water. You also want a faucet made with premium material to ensure your faucet lasts long. 

Moreover, some bathroom faucets have pull-out spouts, so you can easily clean your sink. If the faucet finish matters, you have options like chrome, bronze, and stainless steel. You also need to decide if you want a hands-free or a high-arc faucet (especially if you have a large sink). 

With these tips, you can easily choose a suitable faucet for your bathroom. If you need further help with installation, make sure you only hire an experienced plumber to do the job for you.  

For more information, contact a local company like Countryside.