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3 Dangers Of Leaky Commercial Roofing

If you have leaks in your roof, you might want to put off repairs, especially if the leak doesn't cause immediate problems. Nonetheless, you can face severe consequences if you leave a leaky roof unrepaired. Here are four top issues that arise from leaky commercial roofing.

1. Structural Damage

Leaked water runs down the side of your commercial premises and flows to your foundation. Frequent moisture exposure weakens your foundation and could prove costly in repairs. If left unchecked, the foundation becomes wonky and can't support the weight of your commercial structure effectively. If the weakness goes on for too long and more rain falls, your building could collapse.

Leaky commercial roofing also lets water flow to the insulation. With time, air pockets on the insulation collapse and causes heat loss. Once the installation is damaged, you will need a complete replacement to prevent excessive energy use.

Water that seeps through your roof weakens your decking and upper walls over time. The materials rot and cave in, especially in areas where the wood buckles. Drywall, too, can fall apart with too much moisture. The structural problems mentioned could cost you much more than a timely roof repair.

2. Health and Safety Hazards

Constant humidity causes mold growth which travels through your HVAC into your indoor space. The fungi cause skin irritation, respiratory infections, and allergic reactions. Affected employees may have to take sick leave, which derails your usual business activities.

Leaky commercial roofing also causes the following safety hazards:

  • Slips and falls from the water that drops on floors and hallways
  • Electrical components short outs and electrocutions due to prolonged interaction with moisture
  • Contact with naked electrical wires, which is a fire hazard

Besides the danger to employees and customers, safety hazards can create liability concerns for your business.

3. Assets Damage

Water from leaky commercial roofing can drip onto your products for a long time before you notice the damage. If you check your storage rooms infrequently, you may have many water-damaged products you can no longer sell. Also, water damage can lead to costly repairs that slow your workflow if expensive equipment is affected.

Fire hazards from heat-generating equipment cause significant damage to the building and other property. Water to extinguish the fire can also damage floors, ceilings, and walls. Finally, the damages result in financial inconveniences that can cripple your business.

A few drops of rain may not seem like a lot at first. Nonetheless, more rainstorm brings in a tremendous amount of water. If you don't repair leaky commercial roofing early, you become prone to the above problems. So, always consult a commercial roofing contractor at the onset of any commercial roofing issue.

For more information about roofing, contact a local company.