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What Are The Differences Between Interior And Exterior Storm Windows?

If you want to install storm windows in your home, then you have to decide whether to buy interior or exterior products. While both types of windows protect and insulate your property, they have different pros and cons.

Read on to learn more about these differences and how each type of window might work for you.

Property Protection

Storm windows can protect your property from weather damage. However, each type of window has different capabilities.

For example, if you install interior storm windows, then they will protect the inside of your home from harsh weather conditions. However, they can't protect your window frames and glass.

These products sit inside your windows. If high winds throw something against your window glass, then it might break.

Exterior storm windows are a better option if you want to add additional protection to the outside of your home. These products sit outside your window frames and glass. They take the brunt of any weather-related damage.


Both interior and exterior storm windows can boost your home's insulation efficiency. They both create an extra barrier against incoming and outgoing air. They help dampen exterior noise and prevent it from coming into your home.

If insulation is your main reason for fitting storm windows, then interior products are your best choice. You can get an airtight seal with interior storm windows — which gives you more effective insulation. Exterior products have holes in them which allow some air to flow through. They give you some insulative benefits but not complete protection.


You should think about how storm windows might affect the appearance of your home before you choose which products to buy. For example, exterior windows are more visible. You might find it hard to source products that blend in with your style of windows. You might not like the way storm windows look on your property.

Interior storm windows are less obtrusive from the outside. You can't see them from that perspective. However, you can see them from the inside of your home which might affect the option you ultimately choose.


Exterior storm windows are harder to fit than interior products, especially if you need to install them on upstairs windows. If you want to install your own windows here, you'll need to use a ladder. Working at heights can be dangerous.

Interior windows are easier to install. You simply need access to the inside of each window. Plus, you can take these windows up and down more easily if you prefer to use them on a seasonal basis.

For more advice, talk to storm windows suppliers in your area such as Southern Glass & Mirror.