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What Type Of Seawall Construction Project Should You Do On Your Land?

When you live near the sea or any body of active water, you have to have some kind of barrier put in place to keep your property and land safe. You have to protect your home or business and also the landscape. There are a number of types of seawalls you can choose from to protect your property. Explore the following to see which one is best for your needs. Your seawall construction specialist may recommend one or more seawall types for your convenience and property safety.

Vertical Seawall

A vertical seawall is one that is tall and vertical in design. It's often placed along an entire beach or sea edge to protect multiple properties at once, although a single vertical seawall can be put up as part of a seawall construction project. Sometimes a vertical seawall is as tall as it is long, depending on how high up the surrounding property is and the type of water the property is being protected against.

Mound Seawall

A mound seawall is a type of seawall that is largely built at the water level. It's built up under the water with a small exposed area at its peak. If you are only protecting your property against a small amount of water or want to redirect and control water surrounding your property rather than keep it away, this can be a great solution for you. You can have multiple mound seawalls put in place.

Curved Seawall

Curved seawalls are definitely unique in the way they look and how they are constructed. This new seawall construction style actually mimics the look of the waves it is used to protect properties against. Facing in a concave fashion towards the waves that come ashore, the design of the curved seawall actually absorbs a wave by allowing the wave to swoop into the wall and go back out to sea.

This is a type of seawall construction you can have done if you have a property built along a very aggressive sea line, such as a lighthouse or even simply a boat dock. Your seawall construction specialist may recommend building up an existing older seawall with a new seawall construction or they may put in a brand new one for your property to help prevent soil erosion and bodies of water from encroaching upon your land.

Managing your waterfront property is important and it's wise to have seawall construction done. Explore your options with your seawall construction builder today. For more information, contact a company like Florida Sea Wall Solutions.