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4 Kitchen Island Designs You Should Consider During Remodeling Projects

A spacious, stylish kitchen island is an ideal centerpiece for any modern kitchen. Whether you are planning a full-scale remodel or simply updating your existing space, investing in the right design can make a big difference in the overall look and feel of your kitchen. With an array of unique island designs, kitchen remodeling contractors can help revamp your space into an ideal hub of activity and style. Here are four kitchen island designs you should consider during kitchen remodeling projects:

Built-in Islands

Built-in islands feature built-in shelving, cabinetry, and countertops with custom elements that fit seamlessly into your kitchen. The design can allow you to maximize the storage space in your kitchen and create a unified look throughout the room. A kitchen remodeling contractor can advise on suitable customization options and suggest the ideal materials to use in your kitchen.

Live-Edge Island

A live-edge island is a beautiful, natural way to add warmth and beauty to your kitchen. Live-edge islands are crafted from solid wood, with the edges sanded down to create a smooth finish. The unique shape and texture of the wood can bring an organic look to your kitchen. However, the live-edge islands can require regular care and maintenance to preserve the wood's aesthetic.

Multi-Level Island

A multi-level island can create a unique, two-tier design that adds dimension and interest to your kitchen. The multi-level design can allow for different levels of counter space, shelving, and storage, allowing you to customize your kitchen's layout and design. It can also create subtle zoning within the kitchen, allowing you to designate different areas for food preparation, dining, and storage.

Floating Island

If you're looking for a more contemporary, minimalistic look for your kitchen, consider investing in a floating island. Kitchen remodeling contractors can install a floating island without additional cabinetry beneath it, creating a sleek look without compromising on storage or counter space. Installing a floating island can be tricky and requires additional support to ensure stability. For best results, consult a professional kitchen remodeling contractor for assistance.

No matter what design you choose, investing in the right kitchen island can take your kitchen to the next level. From built-in islands to floating islands, kitchen remodeling contractors can help you create the ideal island for your space. With their expertise and guidance, your kitchen remodel can be as beautiful and functional as you've always dreamed of. Contact a kitchen remodeling contractor for more information.