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When To Schedule Professional Seawall Inspections For Shoreline Property

If you have a property on the shoreline, soil erosion is something that can happen over time. That's why seawalls are put up. If your property is surrounded by one, then it will need to be inspected at some point. Here are a couple of situations when you should pull the trigger on these inspections as soon as possible. 

Notice Structural Problems

In order for a seawall to do its job effectively, it needs to be structurally sound. If you can visibly see structural problems with said structure, then you should book a professional inspection soon.

This is the only way you'll be able to find out exactly what's wrong with the seawall. Whether it has cracks or sections missing, a seawall inspector can highlight the problem areas and tell you what they mean in terms of meaningful repairs. Then you can address them before you suffer major issues with this seawall in the future. 

In the Process of Buying a Shoreline Property

If you're currently in the process of buying a shoreline property, then you need to know exactly what condition the seawall is in before you ever make an offer. In that case, it's a good idea to go through with a formal seawall inspection.

You can hire a licensed inspector to carry out this assessment and they'll give you a detailed breakdown. Then if there are problems with this seawall, you can see if the seller would be willing to fix them, or you can just move on to another shoreline property.

The Seawall Has Never Been Inspected

If you've been in your shoreline property for some time now and have yet to carry out an inspection for the seawall, it's probably best to book this service with a company that specializes in this particular assessment.

Then you can find out exactly what condition the seawall is in. An inspector will look at all relevant areas, including below the water, to give you an accurate depiction of this structure's condition. This way, you can either make repairs or leave it alone depending on what the results show.

Seawalls are pivotal structures for shoreline properties because they help stop soil erosion. One of the best ways to maintain said structure is to have it inspected at the right intervals. Then you can intervene with repairs and adjustments when they're truly necessary. 

For more information, contact a local seawall inspection service.