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What To Expect When Your Roofing Contractor Puts On New Shingles

If you'll be getting a new shingle roof soon, your roofing contractor will visit first to give you a quote for the labor cost and to order supplies. They'll also answer any questions you might have about the type of roofing supplies to get. There are choices to make when it comes to selecting your new shingles, so you want to know what's available. Here's a quick look at what you might expect when your roofing contractor starts work on your new roof. 

Work May Begin Early

Your city probably has noise laws in place that keep contractors from hammering on a roof before a certain time, but the roofing crew will probably be ready to start working as soon as they're allowed. They'll usually start by tearing the old roofing off. By this time, there should be a dumpster near your house so the old shingles can be thrown in.

If you have a large house and it looks like the shingles won't all get put on in a single day, your roofer may work on one side of the roof at a time. This eliminates the risk of your roof being without shingles overnight. When tearing off your old roofing, the shingles and underlayment come off, but the plywood deck stays in place unless it's wet. If the deck is wet, the wet part is cut out and replaced so that the entire roof deck is dry.

Work Might Pause When It's Raining

It's dangerous to be on a roof when it's raining since the roof can get slick. Plus, if lightning is a possibility, the crew needs to get off the roof. That means the crew might need to pause or stop working for the day. Weather delays are to be expected, especially during the rainy season. However, the roofing contractor tries to stay on track as much as possible so they don't get behind.

An important thing to know is that after the old roofing is torn off, the roofing crew puts underlayment on the deck before they start putting on shingles. The underlayment is a waterproof membrane that keeps the roof dry. 

Nailing The Shingles On Is The Noisy Part

The roofing crew will probably use nail guns to put the shingles on. These make a lot of noise and can get irritating if you're in the house. Taking off the old roofing is noisy too since there are a lot of scraping sounds and walking on the roof, but nailing the shingles will probably be more annoying. Every shingle requires multiple nails, so the noise will go on for a long time. You may want to leave and arrange to meet the roofing contractor when the work is over to settle payments.

Contact a local roofing contractor to learn more.